18 Aug

Holy Grails’ new look and location is outstanding. Smaller than the old location, but its size doesn’t outweigh its quality.
For me, Indian cuisine can be touch and go, but it has been many years since I’ve had a Rogan Josh that really had me craving more once I was done. The lamb in the curry was mouth melting, with the spices only complementing every bite.
The Tempura chicken was cooked to perfection, flavoured perfectly and the right portion for the right price.
To finish off, I had to try a dessert, and this was a tall order for me due to a dairy intolerance, but the chef went above and beyond to give me a soft, sweet and warmed chocolate brownie, bursting with flavour, and to add the side of sliced strawberries which we all know goes great with chocolate.
From start to finish, the service was impeccable, but I kept looking around as the door opened again, and again. Person after person came in to grab a take away, and now there’s nothing wrong with that, but my table was the only one who sat to order. This to me is sad, as everyone is really missing out on a great late lunch, or early dinner that will leave you satisfied, and walking out of there with a smile.
If you haven’t been, or remember the Holy Grail of old, you need to go, sit down, and enjoy the delight that is their new location, new look, and fantastic food. Compliments to the chefs and waitresses for a great meal. 5 Stars thoroughly deserved, and I really hope to see more tables full on my next visit.